19th ABIMAD: diving into the high-end decoration

01/28/2015 on News

Trade Show, which takes place in São Paulo city, February 3-6, gathers biggest manufacturers of the high-end furniture and decorative accessories

Latin America’s main trade show for the high-end furniture and accessories segment, the 19th edition of ABIMAD will be taking place on February 3-6, at Expo Center Norte, in the city of São Paulo (SP), gathering Brazil’s largest manufacturers. Occupying three exhibition grounds with a total area of 54,000 m2, where 31,000 m2 are stands. Its 157 exhibitors will present furniture and decorative objects in accordance with 2015 trends. “With integrated environments and increased valorization of social gathering places, home furnishings have adapted to this new reality. Retailers will find less formal characteristics, with a huge variety of materials and models. Comfort combined with aesthetics, functionality and quality finishes are the pillars that guide our exhibitors’ production,” explained Michel Otte, president of ABIMAD.

The theme of the 19th ABIMAD campaign is "Dive into the high-end decoration." According to Rafael Magno, from ABIMAD’s marketing department, upon entering the exhibition grounds, visitors will “dive into” the world of high-end decoration with the wide variety of styles and concepts presented during the trade show. “The ABIMAD trade show is a Latin American reference point when the subject is the high-end decoration, guiding the sector’s trends. Diving into the ABIMAD world involves discovering a mix of products that meet the needs of the entire retail chain,” explained Paulo Mourão, vice president of the association.

As with every edition of the trade show, ABIMAD has invited nearly 800 retailers from all across Brazil, who will have their expenses with plane tickets, lodging, food and transfers defrayed for the four day event, entirely paid by the association. “The nation’s main retailers will be at ABIMAD, subsidized by the Association. In addition, with the changing economic scenario and consumer behavior, we have begun investing in promising regions of the national market. This is one of our priorities, strengthening partnerships and drawing in new clients,” explained Paulo Allemand, ABIMAD’s financial director.

In addition to the retailers, architects and decorators from every Brazilian state who visit the ABIMAD trade show, the 19th edition will rely on the attendance of importers from Latin American countries, with their visits subsidized by the association as well. “The ABIMAD Export program was intensified to attract a larger number of international retailers to the trade show,” stated Erik Fiuza, from ABIMAD’s international department. The 19th edition will feature retailers from the following countries: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

As occurs in every edition of the ABIMAD trade show, the mega structure assembled offers visitors and exhibitors maximum comfort and practicality. Among the new developments, this 19th ABIMAD will provide free Wi-Fi access throughout the exhibition grounds. For the first time, in addition to a food court with a variety of restaurant choices, the trade show will place food trucks – vehicles customized to sell food and beverages – in strategic points throughout the exhibition grounds. “We will have choices to please everyone, such as sweets, gourmet hamburgers, temakis and snacks,” explained Patrícia Linhares de Souza, ABIMAD executive manager. Water, coffee and massage kiosks, services offered free of charge, further add to the choices available to visitors, providing moments of relaxing and opportunities to meet partners and make business deals happen.
HALL Magazine will also have its own stand, presenting its most recent edition to the industry professionals.

A success in the previous edition, ABIMAD will once again promote an initiative to responsibly dispose of materials in this edition of the trade show. A partnership with ANCA (National Environmental Consulting Agency), the program will recycle plastic canvas, carpet, wood, plastic, cardboard and metals used during assembly and tear down. “This work allows us to hire a reduced number of dumpsters to remove trash,” explained José Lúcio Aragão, trade show coordinator.

Founded in 2003, the Brazilian Contemporary Furniture and Home Decor Manufacturers Association (ABIMAD) has 179 member companies from all across Brazil. Every year, it organizes two editions of Latin America's largest trade show in the furniture and decorative object industry in São Paulo." ABIMAD is also responsible for publishing HALL, a customized magazine that provides the latest industry news, interviews with architects, decorators and entrepreneurs, in addition to member news.


Date: February 3th to 6th, 2015
Location: Expo Center Norte - Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme - São Paulo / SP
Hours: from 10:00AM to 7:00PM (on the 6th, from10:00AM to 5:00PM)
Entry: free, limited to the furniture and decorative object retailers, industry professionals and journalists, properly credentialed
Information: www.abimad.com.br

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