18th Abimad: decoration with identity

07/03/2014 on News

The Fair, which takes place in São Paulo, from July 29 to August 1, brings together the largest manufacturers of furniture and accessories for high-end decoration

Main fair in the segment of high-end decorative furniture and accessories in Latin America, the 18th edition of ABIMAD will take place from July 29 to August 1 at the Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo(SP). Occupying two pavilions, totaling an area of 26,800 sq. m., of which 18,000 sq. m. are booths, the 97 exhibitors offer a mix of products that include furniture and decorations in the most varied styles, taking into account the stores in the sector. "This is the first mid-year edition of the fair at the Expo Center Norte pavilion. Like in the February edition, we expect a large increase in visitation from buyers and their stay for longer at the event. We will provide exhibitors and shopkeepers, exclusively from the furniture and decoration industry, a trade show, the main objective of ABIMAD", says Michel Otte, president of ABIMAD. Organized by the Brazilian Association of High-End Furniture Industries (ABIMAD), the fair exhibits furnitures for indoor and outdoor environments, in addition to decorative objects that unite quality, technology and design.

A reference point for the launch of trends in decor, the 18th edition of ABIMAD's fair has as its theme "Every trend has our identity". Starting from the concept that the trends emerge from society, on the streets, in industries, including business fairs, the marketing department of ABIMAD developed the 2014 campaign. "Together, ABIMAD exhibitors direct and dictate the trends of high-end decoration in Brazil. We made a comparison with digital print, which represents the production of the Brazilian industry, where each furniture or decorative object brings our members brand printed," says Rafael Magno, from the marketing department of ABIMAD. The campaign was promoted in pieces for the internet, e-mail marketing, social networks and ads for print media in the main industry magazines focused on the high-end decoration market.

The megastructure assembled for the fair provides visitors and exhibitors maximum comfort and convenience. Espresso coffee and quick massage are offered free of charge, in addition to the traditional rounds of sparkling wine at the end of each day. During the first three days of the fair, ABIMAD will promote a free happy hour at Bar Devassa, inside the Expo Center Norte pavilion, for all visitors and exhibitors. The band Get Back from Santa Catarina will hold an acoustic performance with classic rock'n'roll songs. "We will also have kiosks offering European candies, cupcakes, ice cream, snacks, pizza and pasta, and a restaurant inside the pavilion," explains Patrícia Linhares de Souza, executive manager of ABIMAD. HALL magazine will also will have its own booth, showing visitors their latest edition.

Like it always happens in every edition of the fair, ABIMAD is inviting approximately 600 storeowners from all regions of Brazil, who will have their costs with airline tickets, hotel accommodation, food and transportation, during the four days of the event, fully funded by the Association. "The major storeowners of the country will be at ABIMAD, subsidized by the association, to strengthen partnerships and find new customers", explains the vice-president of ABIMAD, Paulo Mourão.

At ABIMAD fair, there will also be around 22 importers from various Latin American countries, such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay. The coming of these storeowners is also subsidized by the Association, through the ABIMAD Export program, which encourages exports between the associated participants. During the fair Rounds of Negotiations will take place between importers and the exhibitors. "It is a fast and effective way to close business deals," explains Erik Fiuza, from ABIMAD's international department. The slowdown of the economic activity in Brazil is also one of the factors that led us to search for other markets. "Turning to exports to markets that are see more activities is the alternative for falling consumption", analyzes Fiuza.

A success in previous editions, the initiative promoted by ABIMAD for responsible disposal of materials will be continued in this edition of the fair. In partnership with the National Environmental Consultancy Agency (Anca), the selective waste collection will recycle plastic canvas (bagum), carpet, wood, plastic, cardboard and various metals used during assembling and disassembling. "This work resulted in the reduction on the number of dumpsters hired for the removal of waste", explains José Lúcio Aragão, coordinator of the fair.

Founded in 2003, the Brazilian Association of High-End Furniture Manufacturers – ABIMAD – has 170 member companies from all over Brazil and is responsible for annually organizing two editions of the largest fair in the furniture and decoration segment in Latin America, in São Paulo. ABIMAD is also responsible for the publication of the customized magazine HALL, a title that shows the industry news, interviews with architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs, in addition to the news of the members.



Date: July 29 to August 1
Location: Expo Center Norte - Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 - Vila Guilherme - São Paulo / SP
Opening Hours: from 10am to 7pm
Entry: free, limited to owners of furniture and decorative object stores and professionals in the sector and duly accredited journalists
For further information: www.abimad.com.br