31/05/2022 em Notícias

Upon celebrating 19 years of activities, ABIMAD (Brazilian Contemporary Home Furnishings Association) announced the launch of ABIMAD’34, a trade show set to occupy an area of 25,000m2 at São Paulo Expo, from July 19 to 22. With over 100 confirmed exhibitors, this edition of ABIMAD will be showcasing the top releases from the decorative item and accessory segment, not to mention, of course, the latest from the big names of the national furniture industry. 

Inspired by previous campaigns, the concept behind ABIMAD’34 is the word “Complete”, that is, an event that has absolutely everything with all the desired qualities. Besides the latest news and launches to be presented by exhibitors, ABIMAD’34 is also showcasing its unprecedented partnership with ABICOL (Brazilian Mattress Industry Association). The association, created in 2011, will be present with the nation’s leading mattress manufacturers, such as Orbhes Castor, Ecoflex, Ortobom, CBP, F.A., Flex, Plumatex and Umaflex, as well as the partnership with Blu. “We truly believe in the synergy between the segments. Stores selling high-quality mattresses usually purchase small items of furniture, decorative pieces, stunning linens, cushions and, as such, we are joining forces with the aim of ensuring that ABIMAD members get more opportunities for business”, explained Paulo Mourão, president of ABIMAD.

He stated further that, “traditionally, the ABIMAD edition staged in July has a smaller number of exhibitors, though it’s just as important as the edition at the start of the year, as it reflects the growth within the sector in the first half of the year and opens doors to the latest breakthroughs and trends inspired by global events, like Salone del Mobile, in Milan, for example”. “For this edition, we are expecting a public of over 10,000 visitors, including national store owners coming to the trade show at the invitation of the association”, Mourão ended.   

Similarly to the trade show at the start of the year, ABIMAD’34 will also feature international business networking meetings hosted by the ABIMAD Export project, aimed at developing and providing incentive for exports among members. The business networking meetings will include the participation of over 30 importers from nations such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, USA, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay,  Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. 

Date: July 19 to 22, 2022
Time: Tuesday to Thursday, from 10 AM to 7 PM; and Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. (Last day: registration until 12 PM)
Venue: São Paulo Expo
Address: Rod. dos Imigrantes, n/n- Vila Água Funda, São Paulo/SP

The trade show is fully adapted to sanitary protocols to prevent COViD-19, aimed at ensuring the safety of visitors, exhibitors and staff. 

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